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Hi folks.

This is general guidelines on finding a profitable niche market. There is a ton of information on the net about this topic, but I would like to let Mr.Zess speaks about it. Besides he is a better copywriter than me.

But you can not find everything in a simple article, so there is some training available for free from products owner. They often release videos giving some awesome free stuff to earn your trust before pichting their products. For example look this webpage from Jack Humphrey. This is a series of 10 videos. It is free. It is cuting edge knowledge.

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How to Find a Niche Market and Make Profits For Years to Come!
By Alex Zeiss

Finding a profitable niche market might be a big job to do. And honestly, it is a big job, and the most important part of starting a profitable niche campaign. Now, to make your job easier, I will tell you step-by-step how to find niche market and make sure it is profitable. This is a proven system that I am following for a few years already. And by finding niches this way, you are guaranteed to make your niche campaigns profitable.

Niche is all about the people. Niche is a group of people, who share the same interests, passions, or have the same problems. Women getting married, who want to lose weight before the wedding, is a great niche. And a profitable one, as they really do spend money because they need to get to their goal before the deadline.

First, you will need to decide on a broad market. Are women that you want to work with? Or men? Or maybe pet owners? Or students? Maybe seniors? Just decide on one.

After you have chosen a broad market, do a little Google search to find some forums of your interest. Write your search query as “your market keyword phrase” + forum. Visit a few forums, and see what those people are talking about. Are they active members of the forum? You need forums that have active members. This actually tells you that those people do talk about their passions and problems. Browse forum a bit, trying to see whether you can narrow your niche. If you chose a broad market – pet owners, maybe you would like to narrow to dog owners? Or cat owners? Or maybe specific breed bird owners? Anything it is, just see what people are talking about in that niche. Do they mention any problems they face? How do they want to solve those problems? Do they buy any products or services, to solve them?

Now, when you browsed the forums a bit, you would have to confirm that you chose the right niche. A good thing to do that is to go to Yahoo Answers, and check out the same things: what people in that niche are talking about? What problems do they mention? What solutions are they talking about? Do they talk about any other problems?

This is the best way to find a niche. It should not take you more than one day to browse a few forums, and find our niche. And then, you can go build your marketing campaign around your chosen niche. Best way to make more profits, without questions, is by rel=nofollow building a list of subscribers as this will create income for years to come!

If you are you SICK and TIRED of NOT making Internet Marketing work for you, head on to []Niche Marketing Camp. There you will be taken by the hand and shown how to drive massive traffic to your money pages, get all the content needed for your own products, and the shown a PROVEN system will make you at least $500-$1000 every single month, on complete auto pilot!

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